DeepClass Records Radio Show hosted by Fer Ferrari is a one hour program, broadcast weekly and syndicated to several fm, internet, and satellite radio stations all over the world. The show focuses on the finest deep house cuts featuring mixes by DeepClass producers such as Johnny Fiasco, Edmund, Pete Moss, Sebastian Davidson, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Soul Minority and many others what started as personal project to be able to unleash his love for deep house music, has somehow transformed into one of the most revered independent dance music labels in the world.

The most chosen by the public

#Top 35th DeepHouse Chart
Aday Chinea – Cross The Line (Original Mix)
BiG AL – 2NYC (Spennu Remix)
Spin Science – 3Forgotten (Original Mix)
Eartone – Be Nacked (Original Mix)
Monoteq & Grisha Gerrus – Road To Cologne (Deephope Remix)
James Organ – 336 (David Glass Organic Remix)
Caramel (Sergio Munoz Toffee Remix)
Inspector Macbet – City Lights (Original Mix)
Tim Andresen – Let It Go (Big Al Remix)
Tobias Manou – Rhodes Islandby
skylark – too much information (manuel tur remix)
Echodust – Mirrors (Original Mix)

#Top 14th DeepHouse Chart
Kollektiv SGP – Get Lost (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Rishi K. – Personal Choice (Jarquin & Cano Remix)[DeepClass Records]
Daniele Bonaldo – Shanty In Love (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Arian Doko, Akar – Ground Lift (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Hraach – Fearless (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Rishi K. & Jero Nougues – Undertow (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Hraach – Delirio (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Fer Ferrari – Nova Mod (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Acosta Wink – My Son (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Fer Ferrari – Flashback (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]
Kurtz – Chet (DeepHope Remix)[DeepClass Records]
Helly Larson – Definition (Orig Mix)[DeepClass Records]

#Top 20th DeepHouse Chart
Marvin Aloys – At The Airport (Original Mix)
Fabien Kamb – Circle (Marco Grandi Remix)
Forteba – Intertourist (Original Mix)
Tim Andresen – Pitiusa (Original Mix)
Soul of Hex – The Third Eye (Original Mix) Freerange
Txess – Completly Lost (Nello Falcitano Remix)
Eric Ericksson – Yuki (Deeper Dub)
Two Diggers – El Amanecer (Politics Of Dancing Remix)
Antony Toga – Orgasmic Disco (Newman Remix)
Mulder NL – Nexxt (David August Remix)
Monte – True (Original Mix)

#Top 15th DeepHouse Chart
Martin Buttrich, Mathew Jonson – Synchronicity (Orig Mix)
Lenny Maze – The Return Of Dr. Feelgood (Orig Mix)
Giom – DreamDoll (Orig Mix)
DJ Simi – Sottosuolo (Orig Mix)
Fer Ferrari – Dream Of You (Orig Mix) DeepClass Records
Sonny Human – Homework (Orig Mix)
Okabi – Ghost in Translation (Orig Mix)
Steve Bug – Lifting the Anchor (Orig Mix)
Boronas – Self Protection (Orig Mix)
Mike Griego, Amber Long – Sofia (Guy Mantzur Secret Mix)
Enzo Ghisu – Disco Feel (Orig Mix)

#Top 17th DeepHouse Chart
Forteba – ILiopsoas (Orig Mix) [Plastic City]
Anomaly – La Blessure (Fred Everything Remix)
Fer Ferrari – Welcome To Deep (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Fer Ferrari – Nova Mod (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Darko Kustura – Flashes (Orig Mix)
Benno Blome – Abotha (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
Moe Turk – Right Now (orig mix)
German Brigante – So Good (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
Forteba – Forte (Orig Mix)
Kim Kemi – Hypnotic Steps (Central Rodeo Remix)

#Top 9th DeepHouse Chart
Fer Ferrari – Made Of Stardust (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Mountal – Would you be mine
Patrick Kunkel & 212 fahrenheit feat. Mehrklang – Never Down (Orig Mix)
Dalson – Plastic Forest (Plastic City)
Gurhan – Parallel Trip (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Deep Future – Attraction (Orig Mix)
Kartech – Larrisa (Aaryan Remix)
Angelo Abresso – Deep Mind (Orig Mix)
Bent – Swollen (Ben Watt Vocal Mix)
Alain Ho – Into A Deep – Hot Toddy Remix [The Exquisite Pain Recordings]
Alex Troubetzkoy – Head In The Clouds (Orig Mix)

#Top 3rd DeepHouse Chart
Martin Landsky – Da Geh Bo (House MIx)
Tony S – Cant Stop (Orig Mix) [Sonic Soul]
Alex Troubetzkoy – Comes and Goes (Orig Mix)
Session9 – Find My Soul (Fer Ferrari Remix) [Delve Deeper]
Cucumbers – Get High (Orig Mix)
Giom – Night Strong (Orig Mix)
Escape feat. Daudi Matsiko – Just Escape (Justin Martin Remix)
Dave Pad – Shake Me (Orig Mix) [Plastic City]
Phonique – Endless Love Feat. Louie Austen – Alex Niggemann Remix
Geddes And Mic Newman – Rework
Miguel Migs feat meshell ndegeocello – Tonight (Fred Everything Lazy vox)

#Top 11th DeepHouse Chart
DJ Junior CNYTFK, Crash – Feel Alive (Instrumental Mix)
BiG AL – Rhodes,Rhodes (Orig Mix)
Fer Ferrari – Lights Off (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
Pino Shamlou – Your Self (Orig Mix)
DJ Junior CNYTFK & Dirty Vick – Above The Sea (Fer Ferrari Remix)
Deep Active Sound – Sunday Picnic (Orig Mix)
Martyn Dox – Turn Back (Orig Mix)
Mario Viera – Synthesize Me (Orig Mix)
Lucas Perazzi – Mensajera del Cielo (Orig Mix)
Fer Ferrari – Personal Stories (Orig Mix)
Martyn Dox – I’ll Be Good To You (Orig Mix)
Submantra – Lilly (Orig Mix)

#Top 12th DeepHouse Chart
Junior Lopez – 4th Dimention (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Deep Active Sound – Got A Gun (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Hraach – Spring Is Here (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Hraach – Delirio – (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
DJ Junior, CNYTFK & Dirty Vick – Above The Sea (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Masque, Labarca – Brussels (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Leo Portela – Back on Land (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Jarquin & Cano – Echoes (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Deep Active Sound – Another Chords (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Deep Active Sound – Departure (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Submantra – Lilly (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]
Audio Units – House Parade (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]

#Top 10th DeepHouse Chart
Jin Choi – half baked (maceo plex deep remix)
Soul Academy – Give It (Jero Nougues Remix)
Spennu – Something In The Air (Audio Units Rebalance)
Detroit Swindle – Heads Down (Orig Mix)
Savvas – Running Out of My Heart (Yigit Atilla Remix)
Mr V – Somethin’ Wit’ Jazz (Fer Ferrari remix) [Sole Channel]
Mr. V – Jus Dance (Dario D’Attis Remix)
Josh Butler – Be True (Orig Mix)
Cuartero – Inkheart (Orig Mix)
Kollectiv SGP – Fall (Orig Mix)

#Top 9th DeepHouse Chart
Franck Roger – Too Blind To See (Original_Mix)
Nils Penner — I Can Be (Orig Mix) – Freerange Records
Kevin Over – Jus A (Orig Mix)
[Ejeca-Bumbled (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
Allovers – Dreaming Of You (Dub)
Yigit Atilla – Echoes (Original)
Discoshit – AwayVictory
Edmund – Analogic Vibe (Fer Ferrari Remix)
Marcus Gehring – Night Vision (Orig Mix)
Human Life, Anabel Englund – El Diablo (Joyce Muniz Remix)
QX & Elias Bravo – Selected (Club Mix)

#Top 11th DeepHouse Chart
Kruse & Nuernberg Feat. Stee Downes – Love Can’t Break You Down (Shur-I-Kan’s 90’s Dub Mix)
Kraak & Smaak ft John Turrell – Back Again (Animist Remix)
Christian G – La Profonde (Orig Mix) – EDM Underground
Biba, Solfio, Piva – Gloomy Sunday (Orig Mix)
Jamie Anderson & Owain K – Freerider (Cem Salman Remix)
Ilias Katelanos – Space and Love (Orig Mix) – EDM Underground
Acosta Wink – My Son (Orig Mix) (DeepClass Records)
Thanos T – Beatnik Euphoria (Deephope Remix) (Deep Site Recordings)
Kurtz – Chet (DeepHope Remix) (DeepClass Records)
Alvaro Hylander – Whats Happening (Orig Mix) (What Happens music)
Dave Pad – Shake Me (Orig Mix)
Spirit Catcher – Sedona

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