After his successful debut on DeepClass Records with his first EP “Siempre Ahi”, S7G verify his sense for high quality listening stuff. He rolls out his musical range while connecting all tracks like writing a book and rides on a wave of downbeat, house, easy listening and some more ingredients which make you feel comfortable about listening to the tracks again and again. He bring us a new release with two deep tracks called “My House in Sky”….

Gene Farris – thanks!
Luciano (Cadenza Records) – Thank you for the music. I’m downloading for Mr. Luciano.
Jon Delerious – Thanks
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Unus Emre – Thanks..
Ivan Garci (Vlosfer records) – nice release.Thanks.
Carlos Alfonsin – Nice record”
Rishi K. – Great!
Jero Nougues – great EP, both tracks are really good!!
Sunshine Jones – Recently I’ve noticed that as dancefloors become more and more \”hit\” oriented – meaning faster cuts, and more recognizable bits, adding a wonderful groover in the mix to bring people back into themselves has been a heroic thing to do. It\’s really been paying off. These are both songs I can use to re connect the people with themselves. Thank you.
Richie (UM) – Something very reminiscent of early Kevin Yost to the opener – enjoying that!
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective 107.3 FM /Swoon / DHR) – Both Are very Cool Tracks… Dell Death Has a great Vibe a real builder of a track and the introduction of what sounds like a Hammond Organ is Brilliant a great Package Deepclass .. One for the show.. Thanks . Mark Mac
Stacey Pullen – cool thanks
Deep Active Sound (UM Records, DeepClass Rec, Large Music) – Good. Thanks for prom o
Miss Disk (friskyradio-Paradigm Deep Sessions) – Both tracks are nice! Will play!
igor marijuan (ibiza sonica) – great stuff here to be promoted at ibiza sonica.
Bruno From Ibiza (CAFÉ DEL MAR) – first track 4 me
Luis Nieva – Thanks for all
MatiasSundblad – gracias Fer !
Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow) – both cool