DeepClass Records is compiled to present a new Ep, produced by Msindo De Serenade, presents his new ep called “When Nothing Else Is Near”. From South Africa, he delivers a high-quality package that includes two songs, where melodies and rhythms are the main protagonists, wrapped in a spiral of great harmonies. Challenge music genres and with a sleek style sound design, all songs flow smoothly. This ep and the soundscapes it offers is a launch not to be missed. It will appeal to both Msindo De Serenade fans and those unfamiliar with his work, who must be excited about his music. Delivering a groovy sound that moves the feet it demonstrates his cultural tendencies. It is a great sound that should be included in the collections of all contemporary deep house music.

Deep house is a subgenre of House originated in the 1980s in the United States, where elements of Chicago house were initially combined with jazz-funk of the 1980s, and with touches of soul music . The length of the songs varies between 6 and 10 minutes, with a tempo usually in the range of 110 to 125 BPM. This style of house music offers a greater acoustic sensation. Over the years deep house has gained popularity according to Beatport , being one of the best-selling genres.

Artists: Msindo De Serenade
Album: When Nothing Else Is Near
Label: DeepClass Records
Cat: DCREC259
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Gene Farris – full support!!!
Demarkus Lewis – Smooth
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks ;)
Dario Rosati – Nice tracks thanks
Lars Behrenroth – nice one
Miss Luna – When Nothing Else Is Near
Carlos Alfonsin – nice tracks
Richie (untitledmusic) – Smooth
Miss Disk – Nice EP!Support!
Miguel Garji – Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jose Maria Ramon – cool stuff!
Luis Nieva – nice thanks
Alex Kentucky – amazing release guys, really love it, pure deep house
Mark Mac – 2 cool tunes folks. Msindo De Serenade – When Nothing Else Is Near (Original Mix) has a real solid vibe for the shows and the club. cheers quality tunes.