Miguel Garji - true spirit of IbizaMiguel Garji is Ibiza resident DJ. Many people dream of this status, but few realize what it means in fact to live and work on the island that is oversaturated with clubs, parties and DJs. Miguel keeps things real and admits that it’s only in winter when Ibiza spirit is truly alive – summer is a big messy clash of egos, budgets and hype.

He has played in big clubs such as Space, Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege as well as in smaller venues like Grial, Guarana, Blue Marlin, Jockey Club and many others – but it’s Ibiza Global Radio where he feels at home and can fully express his taste for quality music in his Deep Fusion 124 BPM show which won the prize for the Best National Radioshow at Vicious Music Awards last year. We spoke with Miguel about what it means to be an Ibiza resident DJ today when the island has become, as he puts it, “a big circus without control”.

Where in Ibiza are you playing this season?
I’m playing at Ibiza Global Radio, in El Ayoun and in different beach clubs.

What does it mean to be an Ibiza resident DJ now that so many so-called “superstar DJs” come to the island?
I don’t like the word “DJ” because now everybody call themselves “DJs.” We are having a big problem with this situation, and in Ibiza it’s even bigger than in the rest of the world. There are more DJs than people here and more clubs than people too.

We must do something about this situation, professionalize our work somehow and get rid of fake DJs. Labels must release vinyls again, please! If we speak about summer, then being a DJ in Ibiza doesn’t mean anything for me. It has some sense only in winter – and at Ibiza Global Radio.


Who are your closest friends and collaborators among Ibiza DJs? Tell us please about the projects that you are working together on…  All my partners come from the radio: Fer Ferrari (Deep Class Records), Alex Kentucky and, of course, Javi Viana, with whom we work a lot in the studio. We have some new great projects prepared for different labels and planned to be released next year.

What do you think of Ibiza 2013? We heard you say that the island has become a big Vegas casino…
Yes, is a big circus without control. We have lost the essence of the real Balearic sound. Again, I’m speaking only about what’s happening in summer, in winter Ibiza is real.

What do you think of Ibiza big clubs policy? This summer some of them suffer from a lower attendance than expected…
I just don’t like it, and that’s it! They don’t care about local people and don’t respect the resident DJs.

Miguel Garji - true spirit of IbizaYou used to be resident DJ at Penelope – the club that now operates (or tries to operate) as Booom and brought the aggressiveness and scandal in Ibiza on a new level. What is your opinion on all this story that has been developing around Booom?
I don’t know anything about it, sorry… The only thing I can say that Penelope was incredible back in 2005.

Is the spirit of old good Ibiza still alive on the island? Where can it be found?
People from here never lose the true spirit of Ibiza. The problem arises when people from outside want to invent a new concept of Ibiza.

We are happy with the new concepts which respect the real essence of the island, such projects are always welcome.

Have you thought of moving away from Ibiza to some other place to live and work? What is it that keeps you attached to the island no matter how commercial it becomes?
Noooo never, this is my one and only place to live and Ibiza Global Radio is my one and only place to work. I just need to be here. And I hope a new change will happen again here, we need a big “cleaning” for the island.

You run a radioshow at Ibiza Global Radio called Deep Fusion 124 BPM, which won the prize for the Best National Radioshow at Vicious Music Awards last year. What is the secret of Deep Fusion’s success?
I can’t say that I have a secret. I do my work with passion, I put my soul into it and I try to convey it to my listeners. I’m myself, this is my secret. I don’t like to sell smoke!

Now every DJ is trying to play deep house – do you approve of them? Or does it make you angry to hear so many DJs imitate the same sound?
Not really, because I know who I’m and I always find new sounds for my program which has nothing to do with commercial deep that other DJs play. When I started to play deep there was only a very small circle of DJs playing this sound. I believe in myself and my music.

The 6th anniversary of Deep Fusion 124 BPM takes place at El Ayoun on September 20 – can you please tell us about your plans for this special night?
Actually, there will be nothing special. Only good music, good vibes and people who love such kind of reunions. These are the real Ibiza events.

Maybe also you could tell us a few words about the Ibiza Global Radio daytime party in Talamanca on September 22?
Finally we won’t be able to do that because other people made a similar party before in Dalt Vila with the only purpose of making money and never taking care of the others. As a result, the “Ayuntamiento” don’t want to allow another event of this sort.

This season Ibiza Global Radio moved to a new frequency and a new office. Why did you decide to do it? Are you happy with the result?
We did it because this was a step up for us. We changed the frequency because the old one was rented, and the new one is owned. I’m so happy with this new way for Ibiza Global Radio…

interview by:   Lena Kochetkova, http://www.ibiza-voice.com