DeepClass Records’ brand new release called Over This Day by MarcSoul features classic original melodies with two original tracks, and in hand with two exclusive remixes by Big Al and Rishi K., they are well recognized artists in the Deep House scene. It is a great sound that should be included in the collections of all contemporary deep house.

early support:
Spirit Catcher – Nice ep!
Andy Riley (inland Knigths) – side b mix for me
Pete Moss – great releas, i actually dig the whole thing. big al has become one of my fave producers. always great!
Soul Minority – Cool EP, love it !Thanks !
Stacey Pullen – cool thanks
Dave Angel – Downloading for Dave Angel, thanks!
BiG AL – A pleasure to be part of this release. Thanks to Fernando for the hook-up and Marc for the music. ;) Will chart for March.
Jon Delerius – Fav jams are Big AL remix and Side B mix as well – Great Ep – Cheers!
Lukas Greenberg – support
Pino Shamlou – Thanx
Marc Osta – Side B my choose!! thanks, DCR Full support!!
Santi Garcia – Nice Thanks !!!!
Jeremy Juno – Original for me, thanks.
Sensoreal – original for us, thanx!
Sunshine Jones– Really, really, really good. Love this. Thank you.
Ibiza Soulstice Music – good work with nice rmxs
Nick Chatelain – big al remix!
UM – Deep House Radiio Show – BiG AL and Rishi on point
Rishi K.  – Great pack here! Glad to be a part of it!!
Kinky Movement  – side b is mix pretty cool
Igor Marijuan – yes! love it.
Jevne  – original is lush! Rishi K’s remix has a nice swirly vibe to it.
Audio Units – Fantastic Pack. Side B / Big Al Remixes for us
Big Fabio – Thanks!
John P. – very good original and remixes too! will play on west radio! thanks
Deep Active Sound – nice sounds! thank you. support
Dallomo – deep & sexy ep
Bruno From Ibiza – cool track
Submantra – Nice pack!! yes i like it!
Grant Nelson – Really good production & nice mixes but nothing that stands out for me really.
Angelo Ferreri – one of the few promo that offers harmony thanks DeepClass
Matias Panella – Great EP!!!! thanks
MarcSoul – Thanks very much to Big Al and Rishi K. for these great remixes
Niki Belucci – big al rmx for me, supporting!
Alvaro Hylander – Nice one, Liking Side B the most, but great work overall, thanks!