DeepClass Records is proud to present the edition number 16 compilation in the series Keep The Secret! a series exclusive to this label. This new compilation amazes us with four warmer and deep house tracks, getting that music penetrates into your soul, forcing you to lock on with an air of contemplation. A rich atmosphere filled with contrasting sounds generates an intensity and gives a characteristic sound of each tracks. A solid slice that will keep the late night dance busy. Composed by DeepClass Records’ skilled new producers in the team like DJ Ino, MC Johnny Def & Vicenzo, Alexander S.Karlov, Alexander Furdak, David Devilla, Dedicated, Mauro Mosciaro & Lazy Man its a simply marvelous compilation that will be sounding in beaches all over the world.

artist: DJ Ino, MC Johnny Def & Vicenzo, Alexander S.Karlov, Alexander Furdak, David Devilla, Dedicated, Mauro Mosciaro & Lazy Man
Beatport Exclusive release date: 15th March 2019
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early support:

Mr. V – Alot of gems on here Thanks guys.- Mr. V
Pete Moss – your gain is real tight thanks ;)
Jon Delerious – Great compilation of some real Deep House! Cheers – Jon D
Carlos Alfonsin – Very good compilation!
Andrew Chibale – what can i say here ….?
Gene Farris – thanks, sounds great!!!!
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Osuna Paco – Will try thanks ;)
Bruno From Ibiza – some good deep sounds here
Tim Baker – FEEL YOU 4 ME
Sensoreal – Deep quality stuff from Deepwave as usual. I liked track 1,2 and 4 the most. Thank you.
Onionz – Really amazing music. I don’t play mp3s thought. I’d definitely play hi-res version of this.
Ivan Garci – very nice sounds here…love it.Thanks a lot.Will play and Support.
G Spice – fine selection of deepness! i love vicenzo s remix and David Devilla – Your Gain. class
Richie (untitledmusic) – Superb moods
Lemonade – Deepclass rules! downloading
Miguel Garji – Really nice tracks here. Full support, gracias
Matteo Ponzano (ibiza Global Radio) – As usual i found in this last deepclass’s work the finest taste of deep house music. Elegant, tasty, cool. Well done!
Xavi Emparam (Technical Department) – Great selection! Supported on Ibiza Global Radio
DJ Salinas – balearic feelings – “night breath”and “breath me” is perfect for me. full support in my show ;) hugs
richie hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Lonya – good stuff here
David Moreno – Support from Thanks!
Miss Disk – Great stuff!
Pino Shamlou – Thanks
Igor Marijuan – love it. congrats!
Luis Nieva – nice release thanks
Mark Mac – Wow what an amzing release Deepclass Track after track each has a quality that stands out from the very first to the very last.. Each track is spot on with two tunes really jumping out at me and they are The killer production from David Devilla and the amazingly deep and warn vibes coming from Alexander Saykov, Alexander Furdak and their tune Night Breath. 20/20 .. Big release guys.. Cheers Mark Mac…
Jose Maria Ramon – sounds great!
Viana – I like, thanks
Colin Dale – Great sound!
Dario Rosati – Great release!