DeepClass Records is proud to present the edition number 21 compilation in the series Keep The Secret! a series exclusive to this label. This new compilation amazes us with seven warmer and deep house tracks, getting that music penetrates into your soul, forcing you to lock on with an air of contemplation. A rich atmosphere filled with contrasting sounds generates an intensity and gives a characteristic sound of each tracks. A solid slice that will keep the late night dance busy. Composed by Deep Class Records’ producers in the team Anton, DJ Spitjo, Genfix Dj, JfAlexsander, Martain, Pat Lezizmo, Saiber da Q & raydadeepeR. its a simply marvelous compilation that will be sounding in beaches all over the world.

Deep house is a subgenre of House originated in the 1980s in the United States, where elements of Chicago house were initially combined with jazz-funk of the 1980s, and with touches of soul music .  The length of the songs varies between 6 and 10 minutes, with a tempo usually in the range of 110 to 125 BPM.  This style of house music offers a greater acoustic sensation. Over the years deep house has gained popularity according to Beatport , being one of the best-selling genres.

Artists: Anton, DJ Spitjo, Genfix Dj, JfAlexsander, Martain, Pat Lezizmo, Saiber da Q & raydadeepeR
Album: Keep the Secret, Vol. 21
Beatport Exclusive release date: 30th Jul 2021
Your chart would be much appreciated.

early support:
PACO OSUNA – Will try thanks ;)
Miguel Garji – “Some nice tracks here. Gracias”
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)- sounds very good for my shows
Alvaro Hylander – Pat Lezizmo & Martian track takes the cake, followed by Anton… fantastic sound experience!! thanks
Marco Molinari – This is HOT!!! Will play
Richie (UM) – Strong line up of summer vibes and some darker corners – nice!
Salah Sadeq – thanks will try them on the radio show
Kiss FM – Cool stuff. Will play!
Mark Mac – A stunning collection of tracks from the Brilliant Label DeepClass Records With their newest offering of deep smooth vibes that just smack of pure quality. 10/10 A must have selection for the deep House Lovers Out There….
Endemica – Great pack. Thanks
Milford/UHF – Nice compilation. Thanks!
WOLO (Ibiza Global Radio)-  Luxury deep beats
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) – A stunning collection of quality tunes A great collection guys.. top vibes.. Mark Mac