DeepClass Records is proud to present its thirteenth compilation in the series Keep The Secret Vol. 13! a series exclusive to this label. This thirteenth vol amazes us with four groovy and deep dancy tracks that will be the highlight of the night in any venue. Composed by DeepClass Records’ skilled new and veteran producers in the team like Alex Moiss, Arian Doko, Akar, Igor Gonya, Tibor Dragan, its a simply marvelous compilation with its tight and dreamy melodies wrecking dancefloors all over the world

Tom Pooks – mechanical is great !
Sezer Uysal (Suara) – Downloaded for Sezer Uysal
Gene Farris – good deep stuff!!!!
Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow) – nice cuts here
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Andrew Chibale (Mr Cosmic Recordings) – great set of tracks here. “fucking tools” is my pick thanks for sending these in!
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective 107.3 FM /Swoon / DHR) – Summer Vibes… Fully Loaded with warm notes driving beats and topped off with more than a hint of Class. Excellent Release. 10/10 love it… Thanks D/C
Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance Records) – … collection of well crafted tracks.
Stacey Pullen – COOL THANKS
Jon Delerious – Thank you!
MarcSoul (Vicious Radio) – Great release! congratulations to all artists. Support in my radio show!
Jero Nougues (DeepClass Records, Savoir Faire Musique) – ah great package here! Really liking all the tracks, will support!
Franco Kaus (DeepClass Records) – Nice deep collection
Gustavo Lopez – Gracias chicos!!!
Lucky Mphilo (How You Feeling?) Lovely EP.
LondonGround (Arjaus – Get Slow – Delta FM 90.3 Buenos Aires) – thanksss!
Dj Bee (Bee Live World / LocaFM) – Igor Gonya for me. perfect!! will play radio/sets
Unus Emre – support !
Sensoreal – Nice deep collection, Tibor for me
Bruno From Ibiza (CAFÉ DEL MAR) – nice deep sounds
Ivan Garci (Vlosfer records) – nice release,will play,thanks a lot.Alex Moiss-Freedom of Thought is my fav.
igor marijuan (ibiza sonica) – Excellent release.- will be lovely to promote it thru ibiza sonica channels..
Luis Nieva (Area Sur, Delta FM 90.3) – nice release , thanks for all
Carlos Alfonsin – All is good, great compilation!
Helly Larson (Lucidflow / Itom Records ) – great tracks ! full support !
Lucas Perazzi (Deep Class Records ) – Great release downloaded for Lucas Perazzi, thanks!
Deep Active Sound (UM Records, DeepClass Rec, Large Music) – Good music. Support. Thanks for promo
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) – Nice tracks here. Perfect beach sound. Support, gracias
Miss Disk ( friskyradio-Paradigm Deep Sessions) – Wonderful compilation! Full support!
Richie (UM) – Nice EP – see myself playing 3 out 4 of them – Igor’s title made me laugh – and this of the people posting “Downloading for (themselves) like they have an assistant! Joseph Capriati, Sezer Uysal, Luca Perazzi!