It’s a very exciting time Helly Larson now, who lived in Berlin and is a passionate producer of contemporary deep house music, not only have his hit upon a rich vein of creative inspiration and clearly loving every second of being in the studio making some brilliant music. With the portfolio of labels like Plastic City, I Records, Nightbird, King Street Sound, and many more. He now appears on DeepClass Records with a really extraordinary EP called “Definition” with 3 original deep house tracks.

Terry Lee Brown Jr (Plastic City) – Amazing DEEP Stuff. \”Feeling\” is my deepest One…great Package Helly ;-)
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Anthony Pappa – Cool EP. Best track here is “Feeling” Thanks.
Gene Farris – thanks!
Andy Riley (inland Knigths) (Drop Music) – likin feelin
Xpansul (True Type Tracks, Plus 8) – Nice and proper deep house. I like this! Thanks!
subsky – great tracks, loving “feeling” thanks
Unus Emre – Cool Ep. loving ‘feeling’ . thank you..
Miss Disk – Quality as always, but \”Feeling\” is my fav!
Rishi K. (IRecords / Seta / Dutchie / Cromarti / Spring Tube) – Nice thank you :)
Jon Delerious (Nordic Trax, Lost My Dog): – Nice n Deep just how we like it!
Carlos Alfonsin – So good record!
Miguel Garji – Felling is my pick here. Full support, gracias
Dj Bee (Bee Live World / LocaFM) – Definition for me. Support radio/sets
Submantra – In download for submantra!
igor marijuan (ibiza sonica) – love it.
Ivan Garci (Vlosfer records) – quality ….amazing Ep.thanks a lot.
Demarkus Lewis (Grin Music, Kingstreet, Lost my Dog, Salted, Guesthouse) – slick tunes … All are nice with Definition being my fav!
Jero Nougues (DeepClass Records, Savoir Faire Musique) – Amazing work as expected from Helly, many thanks, full support!
Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow) – cool stuff
G Spice – proper house music . “feeling” is great!
Lucas Perazzi (Deep Class Records ): – Great shoot DeepClass, much love is intact ep. Downloaded by Lucas Perazzi. Thanks
Lemonade – “Definition\” good for me! thanks!
Helly Larson (Lucidflow / Itom Records ) – thanx for collaboration Deep Class Records and thanx for the feedbacks ;)
MatiasSundblad – Gracias Fer !
BERNY (King Street) – Really Deep and nice EP..
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective 107.3 FM /Swoon / DHR) – Afterthought is a stunner of a track love the solid beats with the warm but funky tones.. but I also love “feeling” with its Jazzy notes.. Top release Deepclas and love this fresh sound from He lly.. 10/10
Luis Nieva – will support!
Deep Active Sound (UM Records, DeepClass Rec, Large Music) – Good tracks. Thanks
John P. ( – great ep! will play on west! thanks
Richie (UM) – Nice moods, drifty and solid. Feeling the best for me – enjoying the more emotive atmosphere
Shamkara Radio Show (Ibiza Global Radio) – Bonito lanzamiento!! Todo nuestro apoyo, Gracias.