There’s a new member in the DeepClass Records family, he is Franco Kaus, ready to make some noise with his new EP called He is with you! Three original tracks are packed in this EP, displaying the skill this artist has to offer. With its floating melodies, well spaced pads, groovy basses and tight drums, this EP is a good choice for most venues and can as well be used by any DJ wanting to warm the party up! Don’t miss it!

Steve Angello (Size Records) – Nice Deep sound.
Tim Baker – full support
Sezer Uysal (Suara) – Downloaded for Sezer Uysal
Stacey Pullen – cool thanks
Anthony Pappa – Some nice tracks here that will be used. Thanks.
subsky – g reat EP thanks
JP Chronic (Chronovision Ibiza) – Burning In my soul for me, thanks
Giom (Loulou Records) – De frente is cool, will test
Ivan Garci (Vlosfer records) – seven years is a great tracks,thanks.
Dj Bee (Bee Live World / LocaFM) – Excellent!!! Will play radio/sets. Thanks!!! Nice EP!!
Fg Radios – Downloading “Burning In My Soul” for FG Radios
Unus Emre – great release !
Navar – nice ones! cool stuff here, thanks..
Igor Gonya (Lisztomania Records) – Light and smooth.. Thanks for the promo!
Dj Bee (Bee Live World / LocaFM) – Excellent!!! Will play radio/sets. Thanks!!! Nice EP!!
Jero Nougues (DeepClass Records, Savoir Faire Musique) – Loving this sounds, takes me back to Miguel Campbell’s “Back To Flight School”, Indie vibes at its best, great job
Richie (UM) – Enjoying the mellower vibe here, first two tracks packed with warmth and summer moods, final track just felt like it was slowed down and lacked flow for trying to be laid back
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) – Burning and Seven, gonna be great tracks for my Deepfusion 124bpms radio.
Lucas Perazzi (DeepClass Records) – Greats tracks, full support DeepClass. Thanks !
Kurtz (Milk & Sugar, Traum, Dear Deer, Deepclass, Neorecords, 5 and) – nice chill-house vibes, will play!
Alex Kentucky ([email protected]) – BURNING IN MY SOUL goes direct to my next radio show, support as usual.
Deep Active Sound (UM Records, DeepClass Rec, Large Music): – Good release. Thanks a lot.
Franco Kaus (DeepClass Records) – friend of melodies and harmonies deep
Lucky Mphilo – Seven Years is my vibe…
BERNY (King Street) – Super cool EP!
Henri Kohn (A&R Clubstar, Conya Records) – de frente al mar is smooth.thx
Deep Active Sound (UM Records, DeepClass Rec, Large Music) – Good release. Thanks a lot.
Fg Radio – Downloading \”Burning In My Soul\” for FG Radios
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective 107.3 FM /Swoon / DHR) – Beautiful warm tones Soft pads and a crisp beat… Tracks that have that late summer vibes which would not be out of place as a perfect warm up track or even playing on a terrace on a warm summers night watching the sun set over the white isle. Class Producer I really like Franco’s sounds A great new mem ber to an already strong team. I love what he has brought to the table … Yet again… track after track, release after release. – Deepclass QUALITY!. Thank You Great Music. Mark TSC
Dj malte – good beach vibes