DeepClass Records is proud to present White EP, from the label owner, Fer Ferrari, with remixes from Pete Moss, Jose Armas and Alvaro Hylander. This Ep has the classic Fer Ferrari’s deep and groovy sounds and all remixes maintain the essence and the quality of the original. Pete Moss (Recline Rec owner) developed into one of the dance music’s finest talents and reminds us constantly with his late night sets, soulful and impeccable production skills. Jose Armas (LowPitch Rec owner) is nowadays one of the most respected veterans producers of the canarian electronic music scene. Alvaro Hylander (DeepWite Rec Owner) was able to forge a stronger connection between his sound and himself as he found that perfect balance of deep, sexy, groovy, and organic that gives him unmistakable sound. Together they made a perfect team to deliver four tracks of beautiful deep house rhythms and melodies to listen at any time of the night.

Luciano (Cadenza) – thanks!
Eric Kupper: Really feeling the Alvaro Hylander Remix…
Brett Johnson:Nice release… Thanks.
Giom (Lost My Dog) – Original for me, love it!
Hector Couto (Pura Music) – jose armas, nice work!!
Tom Pooks (Moovment) – thx for promor will tell you after check rbe goodrtom
Inland Knights (Drop Music): cool original
Nick Chatelain – downloading for nick & danny chatelain, support !!!
Soul Minority (Stratospherik | Kolour) – nice package, pete moss remix is my fav !
Ekkohaus – Nice original and Moss and Hylander remixes, deep stuff, thanx..Ekko
Pablo Fierro (Vida Records) – Fer,you done an awesome pack, as usual :-) Thanks for the music
Alexi Delano – Thanks!!
Cristian Varela (Pornographic Rec) – Thanks !
DJ Joeski: nice!
Marc (Headtunes) – Quality stuff Fer per usual. Digging the Original and Pete Moss remix!
Jevne (OneThirty Rec) – Wow Pete! mix is killer!
MR V (M4T, SOLE CHANNEL MUSIC) – Alvaro Hylander Remix for me!
Markus Schulz – Thank you. Downloading for Markus.
Luca Doobie (spades – amnesia milano): grooving well! ;) L
The Messenger (Soul Industries/I Records/Night Drive Music/Plastic City…) – Nice Release from Deep Class. Our favorite is Alvaro Hylander Remix! Full support.
Deep Mariano (GET SLOW) – orig & pete moss
Manuel Sahagun (Drop Music, Candy Music, Kolour) – Pete Moss doing white magic!
Blacksoul – great mix from Avaro
Sezer Uysal (Ministry Of Sound, FG) – always quality from Alvaro ! full support.
Sensoreal – All tracks are perfect thanx
Urss – jose armas great *
lee curtis (Cityfox, Dumb-Unit) – solid cuts!
Pole Folder (Bedrock, Reworck) – Nice EP. Thank you.
Tommy Largo (guesthouse/robsoul) – Alvaro Hylander Remix for me. Solid deep groove!
Fog (Brise/Apparel/Metroline Limited) – Pete Moss for me, thnx!
Jon Delerious (Nordic Trax, Lost My Dog) – Pete Moss and Alvaro’s mixes are gre! at – but Alvaro Hylander’s mix is the stand out for me. Will play for sure – Cheers!
Chris Lake – d/l for lakey as i think he’ll like, i’ll update if he’s supporting, thanks, steve parry, SMP3
BERNY (Save Room Records / Nightbird Music / Soulstar / Seamless) – Alvaro Remix is great!
Bruno From Ibiza – More deep sounds from the Deep class boss, Pete Moss remix is the best for me.
babak shayan – Nice as usuall :-)…I like Pete Moss rmx most
Wally Stryk – wooo good release !!
Alex Kentucky (ibizaglobal, adult music) – nice release mr. ferrrari… my favorite hylander rmx..thanks as always.. great job.
Edmund (I Records, Large Music) – Nice package.. Alvaro Hylander is the one for me!
Juan Mejia – Amazing! My Fouvorite rmx Jose Armas!
Aruba/Darran Nugent (Elevation/Mood Music) – Jose’s mix here is my pick. Deep and silky. Also love Pete’s remix and the original. Actually the whole package is silky as hell. Very nice.
Javi Bora (2020Vision/Robsoul/OFF/Defected) – real deep house! support
FUNKYLOCO (so sound / drop music) – Yes ! Thats what I call deep house! Alvaro Hylander Remix for me here! Thanks!
HouseRiders (I Records/Soul Industries/Acryl/DeepWit) – Great sound from Alvaro, thx a lot
Angelo Ferreri (Material) – Moss for me.rThanks for promo.rNice deep as always DeepClass.
Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Flow, Elevation) – Pete Moss remix for me here , all ep is great , support
The Disclosure Project (IbizaSonica/DPR/Plastic City/OneThirty) – Pete Moss remix is the best one on here, might use it somewhere, thanks for sending.
SUBMANTRA (LOCO/ I REC /SAVE ROOM/DCS/IRMA) – Pete Moss and Alvaro’s remixes for me…thanks!
Two Faces – THANKS!!! good release

Miguel Garji (ibiza global radio): Another fantastic e.p. Orig is my pick but i like a lot all tracks. Full support, sure.
Matthew Hade (Billboard Magazine): White (original mix) is outstanding! Full support.
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) – great stuff. love that deep guys.
DJ Bee – (Bee Live World /Loca ! Fun Radio) – Pete Moss for me. Nice track/EP
Todd Burns (RAdvisor) – downloading for RA- thanks!
Radio Tour – White ,White ,White ,White ,wahooo!!!! nuevamente sorprendido , por la calidad de los sonidos y esa prestancia que tiene Fer para contarnos una historia en cada una de sus producciones…, luego Pete,José y Alvaro supieron extraer la escenciay recrearla perfectamente…Excelente Material para seguir enalteciendo el Aire de Radio Tour.
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Soulstice Music) – excellente;)
Gustavo Lopez – Gracias y abrazo grande familia!!!!
John P. ( – Great work by all artists! Will play on West Radio! Thanks
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta / AMDJS Radio Show – Alvaro Hylander remix is top notch! 10/10.
Tautvydas L. – Like it FER! GOOD WORK! I’ll play it!
Marc Osta (Only Underground (radiostarterrassa) – All tracks sound good, specially Alvaro Rmx