DeepClass Records’ Life Matters EP is finally here! With 4 original tracks by no less than the label owner, Fer Ferrari, it will be a roll for every dance floor and listener. With tight melodies, dreamy pads and full basses, it will be of liking for every deep house lover! Be sure to get it soon!

early support:
Terry Lee Brown Jr – yeahh please! Its great!!
Luciano (Cadenza Records) – Downloading for Luciano. Thanks for the music
Tom Pooks – thx for promo
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks ;)
Giom – Thanks guys!
Jon Delerious – Loving the deepness! Wicked vibes – great job! Cheers!
Tim Baker – Great sound!!!
Will (Billboard) – Beautiful
Markus Schulz – Thanks
Jay West – will check thx
Unus Emre – nice release !
Alvaro Hylander – Great stuff! Will be supporting these for sure, thanks!
Tommy Largo – thanks!!
Lukas Greenberg – support
Shamkara Club Radio Show – fantastic job!! support!!
Snake Sedrick aka Son-Tec – nice ep. thanks
BiG AL / Beat Factory / Harlem Knights -Life Players is awesome!!! Full support thx.
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)- Great tracks. Full support to my broda Fer. Gracias
Gustavo Lopez – Grande Fer!!!
Bruno From Ibiza – good stuff as usual from the boss !
Joseph Capriati – Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, feedback to follow, thanks.
Rishi K. – Good stuff thank you!
Igor Marijuan (ibiza sonica)- thanks for the music. ready to support.
Carlos Alfonsin – Great ! So good record
Da Sunlounge – Sexual Provocation is nice.. maybe a tad deep for my main sets.. but could work for a mix or radio show.
John P. ( – very good release! will play on west radio! thanks
Deep Active Sound – great. support. thanks
DJ Bee – Cool…. Personal Stories & Staying Healthy for me. Full groove… thanks
Sensoreal – Personal stories for me. thanx…
Santi Garcia (Pura Music) – Buen Trabajo Fer :) Gracias !!!!
Magnus Asberg – Cool ep Sexual Provocation for me on this one. Thanx
Dj Misjah – thx
Dave Angel – Downloading for Dave Angel, thanks!
Jevne – Dope! FER your killing it these days!
Stacey Pullen – cool will try thanks
Babak Shayan – nice one!
UM – Deep House Radiio Show- Staying healthy offering the most audio-interest and groove for me
Submantra – support!
Lonya – provocation is my fav , support
MarcSoul – Incredible release! Sexual provocation is superb! and Staying healthy is 100% hypnotic, my favourites. Full support in my radio show.
Niki Belucci – nice work!
Angelo Ferreri – good work Fer thx for music
Mark Mac – EXCELLENT RELEASE LOVE THE QUALITY AND THE VIBE . Full backing on this Def for The shows..