My Life Is Deep is finally out! Featuring Dallomo, a newcomer in DeepClass Records artist presents three tight tracks that will get anyone moving. Full of heavy basses, wonderful melodies and sky high synths, it is a valuable addition to any Deep House DJ and fan and will do in any kind of venue. Don’t let the cold winter freeze your spirits, My Life Is Deep is out! We sure to get it!

early support:
Osuna Paco – Downloading thanks
Roger Sanchez: Downloading to try out, thanks
inland Knigths – mixto for me
Jevne – fun little grooves. i dig um all
Mr. V – cool grooves
Pino Shamlou – Thanx
Greg Parker – nice and deep ! thanx
Roni Be – mixto for me :)
Stacey Pullen – cool thanks
Bruno From Ibiza – good deep vibes, I think I will play all of them
DJ Bee – Nice. Perfect for me. will play on radio/sets
Unus Emre – Great stuff. Babie for me.
Nick Chatelain – good tracks
Sezer Uysal aka Spennu – great package, will play and support, thanks!
Deep Active Sound – amazing stuff. thanks
Big Al – nice groovy stuff. Will play and support. Thx
Mark Mac – Top Release Lovin the tunes :D Mark Mac
Babak Shayan – nice
Tommy Jacobs – Nice big room warm up tunes
Big Fabio – cool.thanks
Dave Angel – Downloading for Dave Angel, thanks!
Submantra – In download for Submantra!
Marc Osta – Good Job!! Each track it\’s good to test!!! Thanks
Alvaro Hylander: Grande Dallomo!!! Flavia is my pick, but very nice overall. thanks!
Matias Panella – MIXTO …….excelent track !!! thanks
Niki Belucci – nice release, thanks
Q-Burns Abstract Message – “Babie” is kinda cool … I like the shimmery chords. Thx for it
miguel garji (ibiza global radio) – Mixto is my fav here. Support always to Deepclass. Gracias
Ibiza Soulstice Music – cool deep vibes
igor marijuan – great stuff to support.
Santi Garcia – i love Babie, and Mixto too Thanks !!!!
Moti Brothers – Mixto for me! Thanks!
Lukas Greenberg – support
John P. ( – great ep! will play on west! thanks
UM – Flavia the fullest sound for me, nice dirty touch to it. Thanks
UruMusicArt – Great release!! our full support in Shamkara Club!!