DeepClass Records presents a new compilation for this special occasion called Ade Sampler Vol1 of no-nonsense, straight-ahead of finest deep house producers like Hraach, Fer Ferrari, Miguel Garji & Javi Viana & Acosta Wink showing us six grooves enlarged tracks with a deep musicality, full of warm, full of atmosphere and good feeling, a deep dj tracks for sure. Grab your copy today of the album Ade 2018 Sampler Vol1! Enjoy it!!!

Deep house is a subgenre of House originated in the 1980s in the United States, where elements of Chicago house were initially combined with jazz-funk of the 1980s, and with touches of soul music .  This style of house music offers a greater acoustic sensation. Over the years deep house has gained popularity according to Beatport , being one of the best-selling genres.

Deep house is known for having a complex melody, for the use of chromatic chords underlining sequences, also for the soulful atmosphere, and for the atmosphere of the vocals. The use of vowels became more common in deep house than in any other form of house music. In general, deep house does not reach a climax during the song, but it focuses more on being in a comfortable and relaxed sound. In modern deep house we still find these traits, although the genre has evolved over the years, becoming very famous in the Netherlands.

Artist: Hraach, Fer Ferrari, Miguel Garji & Javi Viana, Acosta Wink
Album: Ade 2018 Sampler Vol1
Label: DeepClass Records
Release Date: 12th Oct 2018
Download: Beatport